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No doubt, that the upcoming era belongs to artificial intelligence. Hundreds of AI-based tools are available across the internet and are being used by the users. But the most prestigious and loved one is Chat GPT.

Basically, Chat GPT is a chatbot, based on artificial intelligence which is developed by OpenAI. It was proudly launched in November 2022 and since then it has become the favourite one for programmers, developers, content creators and freelance workers.

Well, it is effective and useful in solving a lot of problems related to coding, development, content creation, etc. But on the other hand, it is creating problems in various fields.

Freelance workers are using this technology for creating paid content, which is harming not only the community that is paying for the manual work but also to the bloggers that are willing to be ranked to search engines like Google.

Google, being one of the best and most used search engines, is the first choice for you as a blogger to get ranked on. In terms of content quality, Google is very strict as this is one of the most important criteria/parameters for ranking any content.

So whenever it comes to ranking, it becomes increasingly important to improve the content and remove its plagiarism. There are a lot of paid/free plagiarism checker tools available on the internet that are capable of detecting plagiarism in manually written articles. But the problem arises when it comes to detecting plagiarism in AI-generated articles.

It also becomes important to check whether an article is generated by AI or written manually after the research as the owners are paying for the manual work, not for the automatic work, which doesn’t cost a penny in writing articles.

To save your hard-earned money and efforts, we are glad to announce our powerful AI Plagiarism Checker tool which is going to help you. Let’s have a detailed look at this efficient and attractive tool.

What is an AI Plagiarism Checker?

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Ai Plagiarism Checker

AI Plagiarism Checker is an efficient and precise tool that provides you with a quick check on content up to 1500 words for free. This powerful tool is capable of detecting AI-generated content within a few minutes as it uses a lot of back-end algorithms. These algorithms are developed and are being improved day by day by our development team.

AI Plagiarism Checker ensures good and generous accuracy as it is launched after a lot of trials and improvements suggested by our beta program users. As a beta testing program, we invited a few copywriters, bloggers and educational writers to use our AI-generated text detector and help us in improving it.

If we talk about the comparison of our AI Plagiarism Checker free tool with the other manual/automatic checkers, then in terms of accuracy our tool provides an accuracy of 99.4% (on the basis of 11k+ reports) which displays the strength of back-end programming and algorithms we are using.

Not only Chat GPT, but other artificial intelligence-based tools such as Google Bard’s generated content can be easily detected with the help of our AI-generated text detector.

Advantages of AI Plagiarism Checker

Well, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by using our AI detector. Some of them are listed and described below.

1. Increased Accuracy: There are of you tools that provide you with the accurate and reliable reports, but our tool claims to be free size up to 99.4%. Not only this, but our hard-working team is continuously working to improve this AI Plagiarism Checker tool. Additionally, with your support, our AI detector tool is going to rock in this industry.

2. Fast and Efficient Processing: Other Manual/Automatic tools take roughly 2-3 minutes to analyse the content and provide you with the report. As an improvement over others, our AI Detector free tool completes this work in 1.5-2 minutes and saves 30% of your time and effort. In this way, by saving your time you can put these efforts into other work.

3. Checks against a wide range of resources: As we mentioned that our AI detector tool uses a lot of powerful algorithms and processes to analyse whether the content is AI generated or manually written. It provides a quick and detailed check to the users and helps them with its accuracy and speed.

4. Cost Effective: We all are familiar with top-rated and popular plagiarism detector tools and the most irritating fact about them is that they are not available for free. Some of them allow you to analyse the content for free but with some limitations. Our AI content detector is a free AI content detector tool that allows you to check content up to 1500 words. But we promise, if we get your support and love then not only we will fix the bugs, but we will increase this limit of 1500 words to 3000+ words.

5. Paraphrasing detection: Paraphrasing is one of the most critical parts of checking any content. Most of the tools fail to detect paraphrased work. We are developing some new algorithms and quality checks that will surely detect such types of content. As an upgrade, we will add this feature to our tool and let you check such content.

How Does the AI Plagiarism Checker Work?

🌐  Multilingual110+ Languages
✔️  WorkingOur AI text detector tool uses DeepAnalyse™ Technology to identify the origin of your text
💯  Accuracy100%
$ PriceFree
✈️  SpeedImmediate checking
🔁  Check CountsUnlimited

Limitations of AI Plagiarism Detector

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Ai Plagiarism Checker

No doubt this tool is developed using some effective codes and algorithms, but it is still under development. Our team is dedicated to improving this AI plagiarism checker free tool every single day. As other tools have some limitations we accept that this aid detector tool also has some limitations. Let’s have a look at them.

Difficulty in detecting paraphrasing: After creating the content from AI i.e. Chat GPT or Google Bard, the writers may make some alterations in the paragraph, titles, words, language, etc. This is termed paraphrasing and it is done to bypass the plagiarism detector tools. By these alterations and changes, any AI plagiarism detector tool may face difficulty in analysing the content.

After paraphrasing, it becomes quite hard to detect the presence of AI content. While developing our free AI content detector tool, we came across this issue. As we said, we have a set of experts that are already looking into this matter. They are developing another set of algorithms, mechanisms and quality checks. After the implementation, it would help our users to detect the AI-generated content as well as paraphrased content up to some extent.

Limitations in detecting certain types of plagiarism: Yes, this is another limitation that may be faced while using our AI plagiarism detector tool. Whenever the content is based on universal truth, laws, upcoming and pre-planned events, news, etc it becomes quite hard to distinguish between the AI generated content and manually written content. Still, we assure you of an accuracy that is more than the standard to provide you with an accurate and reliable report.

Bugs and Errors: As we all know that Rome was not built in a single day, similarly our team is continuously working to improve this tool. You may face issues/errors/bugs while analysing the content but as soon as our programmers detect that, they will start working on that and will fix that as quickly as possible.

Future of AI Plagiarism Checker

As AI-based services are growing rapidly, no doubt plagiarism is going to be a huge issue in the industry of copywriting, freelance writing, content creation, blogging, programming and educational writing.

Not only paid projects but college assignments and projects can be made by students to save their efforts, which is an unfair mode of learning. Therefore, our tool can be revolutionary in solving this issue and provide a complete quality check on which bloggers, teachers, etc can rely.

AI writing detector will also ensure safe work for all its users. Once you enter the text in the dialogue box and hit the analysis button, our tool starts analysing it with its strong backend algorithms. Within a few seconds, it will generate and show the report consisting of % of content that is AI-generated.

After that, you can make suitable changes and alterations to improve that content before submitting or publishing that.

If we talk about the future of AI Plagiarism checkers, then if we see the progress in your support, we will integrate it and add other quick features to improve it. Not only this but certain new algorithms will also be added in the back end to improve its accuracy and integrity. Therefore, we ensure you a package of great services that will safeguard your progress and help you create original content.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do AI Detectors work?

AI content detector is built with some strong algorithms, programs and a variety of logical checks. Whenever a piece of content is analysed in our AI writing detector, it checks that content with its backend algorithms and its programming compares with similar content available across the internet.
In just a few seconds, it analyses that content properly and produces high-accuracy reports. Now the user may make some changes and alterations in order to improve that work. In this way our AI plagiarism checker serves you.

2. Do AI Plagiarism Checker work for essays?

Yes, not only essays but more than 12 types of content can be checked with our tool. The process will be the same as that of the other. The main issue you may face while checking plagiarism in essays is that Universal truth, dates, events, etc can not be differentiated. Soon we will introduce an AI detector for essays in a separate module. Till then you can use our tool for essays up to 1500 words.

3. Why is our AI Plagiarism Checker tool the best?

Well, there are more than a hundred plagiarism detector tools available on the internet. All of them provide good services to the users. But when it comes to the free module, our AI detector tool is the best one.

In terms of accuracy, speed, fast processing, detailed report, and safe and secure work, we will rank our tool at the top. Other free tools provide you with a word limit of up to 500-800 words, on the other hand, our tool gives you a limit of 1500 words.

So, if we compare other tools and our tool at the same scale, we would recommend you use our AI Plagiarism Checker free tool.

4. What is the accuracy of AI Plagiarism Checker?

The accuracy of our tool, based on reports so far, is 99.4% and when we compare this with the other standard tools, this is 14% more.

The reason behind the accuracy of our tool is the strong algorithms, programming and logical checks we are using in our tool.
Not only this, but we are continuously working to improve our tool. Soon we will increase the limit of 1500 words to 3000 words.

5. What are the benefits of the AI Plagiarism Checker tool?

There are a lot of benefits of our tool that will surely improve your content quality and rankings.

Fast processing
High accuracy
Quick reports
Completely Free
Detailed analysis
Check on a wide range of resources
Improvement suggestions
Paraphrasing detection (will be added soon)

6. Will my text get plagiarized or be used if I check on AI Plagiarism Checker?

No, your content is safe with us. Once you analyse your content with our tool, our system erases that content the next minute. So you can use our tool without any hesitation or fear.

7. How to check my content with this tool?

If you want to check your article with our tool, then you need to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below.

First of all visit our website
In the next step, enter your content in the given area. You can analyse 1500 words at a single time. In case your content is more than 1500 words, you can check that content in phases.
Now after pasting your content, click on the analyse button and then wait for a few seconds.
After that, our tool will check the content and apply the logical checks. Soon it will show you how much % of the content is AI-generated.
You can either reject that content or revise that by making some changes, removing plagiarised or AI-generated parts and re-analyse that.

By following the mentioned steps, you can analyse your content with our AI detector tool.

8. Which languages are supported by this tool?

Currently, you can only analyse or check 110 Languages content. Our team is working to improve this tool in many ways and add some regional languages. Once they are implemented, we will update you regarding that.


Here you read what are the key benefits of our AI Plagiarism checker tool. A few of them may really help you in detecting AI-generated content. High Accuracy, fast and efficient processing, the ability to check a wide range of sources, etc are the main benefits of our AI detector tool. Some other benefits of this tool are reliable reports, plagiarism sources, suggestions for improvements, originality of content, help in following regulatory limits, etc.

On the other hand paraphrasing, bugs, errors, slow processing, etc can be some limitations of any AI detector tool. In our suggestion, the AI plagiarism checker free tool is the most effective practice that you may perform in order to get original content. It will directly affect your rankings and improve your online presence.

So what are you waiting for, just log on to to avail our free and best services.